A Budget Plan That Will Boost Lead Generation for 2013

One of the biggest mistakes I see businesses make over and over again is that they fail to develop a budget and marketing plan for the upcoming year. As the new fiscal year approaches, it’s crucial that your company develops a comprehensive budget plan that ensures that your business is prepared for all of the marketing efforts needed to make 2013 the most profitable yet.

As a contractor, I know that it’s hard to take time away from your day to day tasks and allocate the time necessary to create a well-thought out budgetary plan for the entire year.  Furthermore, I understand that many small local businesses are apprehensive to allocate dollars solely to Internet marketing.  But, I’ve been in the same industry for 30 years now, and have found that putting Internet marketing in front of all of your other marketing needs leads to the most successful lead generation.

Over the years I have recorded and observed what works and what doesn’t.  And I can tell you with complete confidence that these are the top five actions that you should be implementing to your company’s budget and marketing plan.  By doing so you are pledging that 2013 will be your most profitable year:

1. When creating a budget, be sure to be specific.  Break the budget down by month and type of media

2. Set not only annual spending, but sales targets as well.  Then implement a ROI analysis system

3. Plan out a canvassing campaign with very detailed strategies

4. Implement a call center that is adequately staffed with knowledgeable professionals

5. Commit to online media.  Know that you won’t see results quickly, but it WILL work

To learn more about these top five actions and receive the exact spreadsheet used when I was developing a comprehensive budget plan, join me at my Webinar on Wednesday, November 28th. We’ll make sure you’re on the right track to make 2013 your turn around year.

Hope to see you there!


George Faerber

By George Faerber | 5 years ago |

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