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How to Plan a Surefire Local Business Marketing Strategy…On a Budget

Are you a small, locally owned business that understands the important of an appropriate and accurate local business marketing strategy for your online and offline outreach efforts, but you’re not quite sure how to establish a realistic budget? Or do you find that you’ve put a lot of energy into a local business marketing budget just to end up broke with no new prospective customers?

By Chris Marentis | December 27th, 2010 |

3 Key Steps to Off Page SEO for Local Business Marketing

Off page SEO optimization factors account for 75% of your websites weight in authority on popular search engine results. Your website’s authority is directly related to the number of inbound links to your web pages and the authority of the web linking to you, thus, making inbound links an essential part of your online visibility. Sounds pretty simple, huh? Well, it can be if you follow these 3 key steps to off site optimization, that will lead your local business down the path to only domination in your niche.

By David Frawley | December 23rd, 2010 |

Local Internet Marketing: What’s the Role of Social Media?

Social media is a powerful local internet marketing tool for businesses of all sizes, and small businesses are starting to realize this to take advantage of its potential as part of their marketing strategy.

By Chris Marentis | December 20th, 2010 |

Local Search Engine Marketing: 6 Surefire Tactics for On-Page SEO

Having trouble getting your local businesses website to rank for popular search terms within your industry? Well, you may need to do some on-page local, SEO optimization to get your search rankings up. Follow these 6 surefire tactics to optimizing your website for local SEO to generate targeted traffic and quality leads.

By Chris Marentis | December 14th, 2010 |

Keeping up with Changes in Local Internet Marketing – Google Places

It’s critical for businesses to understand and keep up with the changing trends of the local search engine results for successful local internet marketing, and Google is leading this charge.

By Chris Marentis | December 13th, 2010 |

Google Says Organic + Local = Opportunity for Local Businesses

Google hits close to home – and home’s more likely than ever to be organic.

By Chris Marentis | December 6th, 2010 |

3 Tips for End-of-Year Internet Holiday Marketing

Holidays and yearly events are a great time to capitalize on consumer spending, especially during the 4Q when consumer spending is typically the highest compared to any other holiday season throughout the year. As a business owner, you could miss out on thousands and thousands of dollars for your company in both the short and long run in the form of sales, as well as building your customer base, if you don’t take advantage of this end-of-year holiday marketing opportunity.

By Chris Marentis | November 29th, 2010 |

7 Tips for Clear & Effective Email Marketing & Communication

Writing eye-catching, interesting and persuasive emails can be a real chore for many businesses. Learn to implement a successful email marketing campaign, through clear and effective marketing communication.

By Chris Marentis | November 26th, 2010 |

7 Tips for Clear & Effective Email Marketing & Communication

Social media and utilizing the Internet are key components of any successful and effective marketing plan, and this includes email marketing.

By Chris Marentis | November 22nd, 2010 |

7 Steps to Dominating Social Media in Your Market

Many have attempted to shy away from the rage around social media, but in today’s market for business owners, it’s not two words you’d be wise to avoid. Social media, like FaceBook and Twitter, are millions of communities within a community, and in today’s world of business, social media is an important component of a well run Internet marketing program. Given this, it’s important to understand the best way to utilize social media to market to current and potential customers to boost your business.

By Chris Marentis | November 15th, 2010 |

Checklist: 8 Steps to Building The Perfect Website

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